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Out of contract ;; and with that I say goodbye, because my mother will kick me out soon anyways… I´m still awaiting for that ´non to come so I can give them a hug.. you know? the one who thought I was cool… but I´m not tehehe okay good night, have you all a great rest of the day/night wherever you live. ((I´m in love with my icon tho))


[ Text ] : To: Principite ‘Lo se, pero eres la única persona que e conocido y me a soportado tanto tiempo, que yo pienso que asi se hace una amistad.. Creo.’

[ Text ] : To: Harley: "... crees? Que necesitas Harley... no estoy de humor para bromear."

[text]: Please. You’re my only friend.
[ Text MEME ]

[ Text ] : To: Harley: "... I thought you hated me..."

[text] "I think I'm pregnant." ((c IEL RUN))
[ Text MEME ]

[ Text ] : To: Elizabeth: "You think?!? Did you visited the doctor? Want me to go with you?."

Anonymous said:
Eres una gran persona y senpai que secretamente (ahora no tan secreta) matara al idiota

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Out of contract ;; y vos me vas a ayudar a matarlo no???

Anonymous said:
You are one of those blogs that I will never talk to. You seem like the cool kids of tumblr. At your cool kid table with your cool kid inside jokes and friends and stuff. I don't hate you for it. I just know I'm not cool enough for you.

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Out of contract ;; :O cool kid? Oh jezz… ´nony, I´m nsubot cool trust me, i just happen to have as friend and rp partner someone who is cool, someone who is popular, but that doesn´t make me cool, not at all tehehe I´m just a simple potato who wishes to kill people in the meantime… ooppss shouldn´t have said that xD Oh god, no please do not feel like this with me. I´m always open to anyone, if you´d like to talk, just drop an ask, poke me, tag me in things.. whatever, I will reply as soon as I can ^^ Believe me, I´m plain simple and normal… well not so normal, but you get me xD Don´t even feel in this way okay? You´ll never know, maybe you´re cooler than I´ll ever be!!! If you want to come off anon and talk, I´m here alright?? Gonna give ya a hug!!