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 This ones all about Tea!

Rules are simple, just reblog this post to enter. Shall terminate on the 1st of November 2014. The three winners get to choose a tea of their choice from this website. Good luck!

What suits you is the ʀᴇᴅ of P A S S I O N


No way! I can’t believe that I’m so close to a thousand already! I’m never really any good at these kind of things or anything that requires writing so it’s actually something of a miracle. It’s also not long past since my first year on Tumblr role playing which I’m really proud about. Honestly, when I started out, it was such an achievement to hit one hundered, I really wasn’t expecting so much success. However, it isn’t about how many followers one attains nor how popular they become but, rather, the people who we meet along the way who make our time here so great and brighten our days. When I log onto Tumblr I do so to escape the reality around me, and so many people help this happen, there are so many wonderful blogs I have had the priviledge to roleplay with, so many muns who have shown me such sweetness and welcoming, who’s writing has made me smile, cry, laugh and rip my hair out and thank you too all of you who have made me feel. Additionally, crying or not, their presence always cheers me up. I know as of recent I’ve become quite selective, and I just want everyone who reads this and hasn’t got a follow back from me know that it is nothing personal. You’re all equally important as people and every single one of my followers have my gratitude regardless of fandom, OC or not, style of writing, anything. 
                                                 T  h  a  n  k   y  o  u  ! 

Darlings At The Tea Table


Not only shall I follow her forever but love her forever, Trini was one of the very first Ciel blogs for me to roleplay with. I’ve always been careful not to do to much with these two because I want to branch Lizzy out into interaction with other people, but with Trini I don’t mind that. I really like the plots we have planned and our little headcanons about them. Trintrin needs to be protected at all costs, she is precious and a great writer, also a really good Ciel. English also isn’t her first language, but she still does such a great job on her replies. Ah, yes, Trini. You’ll sit next to me at this table. (Or I’ll sit on your lap and cling to you like the shit I am.)


The best prince Soma I’ve para’d with! We have some cute headcanons together and our muses work so well together. We call it ‘Team Ciel.’ I always look forward to Eve’s replies and it’s nice and refreshing to have these lighthearted threads where they can just be good, cute friends. I’m really looking forward to more interaction with our muses, and the mun is great fun.


I’m too stupid to roleplay with this blog, their writing is so good! They have Ches just right, I can’t fault it. The persona, the structure, the language and everything else is perfect and every reply is like reading something that would come from a book for Ches wriiten by Lewis Carroll himself. The human adaptation is also everything Ches would be. I can’t express how much I enjoy this blog. I don’t follow many blogs outside the kuro fandom, but I’ll never regret following this blog back and their presensce on my dashboard is appreciated.


I hate to love this person, everyday I find myself thinking about our threads. Scepan definintely gives me my fill of angst and I really want to slip some arsenic in his drink. The mun, Lanny, is a precious little dork with the most twisted sense of humour ever and I’m kind of obsessed with the mun and muse?? They’re great?? But also bad people?? Replies are always great and the time spent in their blog must be appreciated by everyone. Such a well adapted and built oc, maybe my favourite. They’ve also done their history and politic homework and the muse’s character is extrodinary.


Another favourite oc of mine! The mun is a lovely dear, very intelligent and very historically accurate. I love all the headcanons she comes up with and her writing is pristine. Anna also writes fanfics which read like official best sellers! I don’t think I will ever forget the mun and muse. Our threads are a conponent of confort and angst which is a wonderful blend. Seeing a minute character’s Mother as a blog is interesting because it gives the muse a lot of liberty to interact with other muses. I love them both, they are precious.


A great blog, truely. The mun writes like Shakespeare with dignity and confidence. and then theres the tags. The fucking tags. Oh my god. Anyway, I love the muse and though at first I was catious of approaching them because how in the world could an incubus interact with a pubsescent teenage girl? We made it work, and now they are like nutella and peanut butter. The mun is a lot of fun and makes me laugh more than I really ought to. Both incharacter posts and out of character posts are a delight and the mun is friendly. Yes, help yourself to another jammy dodger.  


An actual cutie though? How do you do that? Their version of Alois is adorable. I really like how the mun enphasises on his softer nature and allows more liberty of the muse, it was with this blog did I actually warm to Alois and become obsessed with the friendship of our muses. Mazz’s replies are clear to understand with a diverse attitude to other roleplayers. Also my first Alois to have a thread with? We don’t forget our firsts at this table. You rock.


Is another Alois blog with interesting apadtation. Also the first Alois blog I have found who is based around a modern verse of Alois. The faceclaim couldn’t fit better and all relevant canon and background information has been reserved and highlighted in a (I’d say different but clever way) in the modern verse. I can’t say that I’ve roleplayed much with the muns canon Alois but I find the modern one to be enough because of the interest I have in him. This is the first Alois blog to try something shippy with my character which made me think more about this pairing. And wouldn’t they actually be quite cute? The mun’s format of writing is also appealing, and talented with cosplay. This is a great blog.


Oh my God I’ve been regretting having to do this one because I have so much to say and I have to condense it all down. Iza is the person I want to be one day. She’s great, really. Her portrayal of Sebastian just can’t get any better. Everything down from the language, the bloody metaphors man that makes me s c r e a m and the inner dialogue is pristine and really makes me feel like I’m in the manga. The mun is a lovely person who presevers with my stupid headcanons and opinions. I also want to say thank you for giving me a chance because I know how eh you are with Elizabeth. Unnf I will cling to you like a growth, fight me. ALSO ALSO did I ever mention how pretty Iza is? like? What? Are you serious? Oh Oh and her Sebastian is actually quite unintentionally funny because of his inner stuggle and how d o n e he is with humanity. You can probably see why Iza’s Seb and my Liz is like the best thing ever.


I refuse to roleplay with any other Edward, this portrayal is so sweet. I fricking love roleplaying with this mun because their characterisation is so lovely. Edward is one of my favourite background characters and I would love to see more of him, but this blog gives me that fill. Replies are always looked forward too. A really good blog for Edward. (their theme is also really nice.)

 Dears who deserve bonnets.

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What do Black Bulter season one, Black Butler season two, Black Butler season three,and the Black Butler Manga all have in common?

Ciel still cant fucking dance after 200 dance lessons