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OOC ;; I need to run away, my mother is kicking me out of the pc. I shall keep replying things tomorrow, do send asks if you´d like to. Oh god I have wonderful news…. I… was… wow oh man how to say this… I was choose by Iza to be her official modern Ciel… this is… big.. wow… fuck I´m crying now because this is such a honor!! oh wow okay, off to gooooooooooo

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the-birdie said: Ciel…today a bunch of boys at school laughed at me and called me ugly. And now, well…I'm just sad...

Ciel, today some boys at school laughed at me and called me ugly at lunch. And now I just feel sad.

| ♔ | —; ⋨ “Good evening milady, I´m not quite sure I´ve made your acquaintance before, but seems like you know me. Well, there´s no need to waste time on people who addresses you in such ways. The insult is not worth your time. Refrain from wasting a single tear, you are more than that.” ⊱

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   ”I’ve got family, too. —And Ciel.”

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| ♔ | —; ⋨ “Pardon, jealous? They will always prefer me, Antoinette.” ⊱

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Anonymous said: Ciel is more fabulous than you.


~Try to make my character jealous~

       || ♔ || ;;



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t-rotzen said: “i...uh, feel a sneeze comin’ up; oh gods. m’ fuckin’ nostrils, bro! quick-- lend me yer eyepatch f’r a sec.”

| ♔ | —; ⋨ “Don´t you dare touch my eyepatch, do it and I will slice you in two. I may not be as good as my fiancee, but I can definitely harm you.” ⊱


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alice-harley-quinn said: ''Asi que... Eres un... Sumiso? Pfff... jajajaja!''

| ♔ | —; ⋨ “… no se que es lo que te ries idiota. No es algo que tendría que importarte. Por lo menos, alguien me ama.” ⊱

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This blog is a multiverse one. Which means that each character will have their own universe and be role played with different Au´s…. ]

This means that the relation our muses have, only works for that AU. Which also means, that´s impossible for your muse to know my muse relationship with other muses, because they don´t exist in our AU. Unless we talk it.

Just needed to point this out.

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December by Unvelovert on Flickr.

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