Title: Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer)
Artist: Beyoncé/L’Orchestra Cinematique
Album: Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer) - Single
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symmetry in black by AlperDoruk



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Anonymous asked ;  
oh hod ok i know this shouldnt e the first person i send an ask to and i should go to the ER or call me parents but oghod it hurts like hell was washing the dishes and there was glass and i "scraped" my dibger with it and i swear i cab se the bone but mum is workibg and she has her phone off and there's no one I can cal!! im not gonna calk 911 its not toi much but i searched fir remedies in giigke and nothing helps what should i do please

Out of contract ;; okay let me see if I got this, you cut yourself? You can see the bone?? Jesus fuck… listen, call your parents! Wait… she has her phone off? Well, cover the wound, but make sure it´s clean, err… I´m terrible at this to be quite honest so… humm… go and ask help a neighbor you trust, if it get worst then try to contact someone from your family or something… stay calm, take few deep breaths, cover the wound!! or… not? wait dunno ;A; i´m terrible sorry ;A;


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"Young master…"

Three gentle knocks against the wooden door and he let himself inside the study. He was being expected, afterall.

“Everything is ready for tomorrow. I made sure to pay extra attention to the details as you asked me to -I have not a doubt that your guests will feel at home. As for now… would young master wish to take a break from his work? I can fix you a quick snack.”


A deadpan countenance raises few degrees upwards, only to fixate his sight over the hellish steward, the sweet ghostly taste rolls greedily over his tongue, and that´s when the proud aristocrat part thin lips to reply formally.

✖ —; ❛Very well then, I will be finishing this, as you know I detest to leave the paper work undone. Prepare something with chocolate… I will be heading bed soon, don´t have the right mood to attend any other matters for now.❜ Lips seal promptly after the sudden order, as for the young child kept his attention right back at the documents.